Monday, July 6, 2015

Crocheted Italian Flag

In late May the secretary of the Bracco Italiano Club of America (of which I'm a member) asked me if I would be willing to crochet something for the upcoming annual meeting. I had done an afghan for her a while ago and I guess she thought I knew what I was doing. 

She said she wanted just something basic like the Italian flag. That sounded pretty easy so I said I would do it. Of course all my pattern books and hooks are in storage right now but a hook doesn't cost much and I have internet access to get a few ideas. Just to be authentic I got the proportions and got started. Did you know country's flags come in different proportions, they are not all 1:2 like the  Italian flag. For example the American flag is 1:1.9.

I decided to go with the basic moss stitch or granite stitch. I did it before when I did the three yarn afghan. It's fast and easy. 

I didn't work on it every day and I actually had to start over three times! First I didn't do the edges right and I ended up decreasing on the ends. I pulled it out to where it looked right and started over. That was about line 20, at least half of what I had already done. Then the tension wasn't right. I kept thinking I could block it but after continuing for several more rows I knew I would have to make it right.

So I ripped it all out and started from scratch. I think I finally got it right.

Clyde looks good, doesn't he! Oh, and the blankie doesn't look too bad either.  :-)

Not a bad door prize, if I say so myself.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Baird's Barn, Antique Fun

Remember the other day I mentioned the article in the auto club magazine? This was one of the places in Roseburg it talked about to go and see. On our travels in and around town we'd seen the sign at the road but never thought twice about it. This is Riversdale Valley Farm and Baird's Barn. 

There is a sign at the road but the actual barn is set back about a quarter of a mile so it's not really obvious. But I'm glad we found it.

It's a couple of barns full of neat antiquey stuff. 

We didn't call before so nobody was there. We looked around anyway. I was pretty sure I wasn't going to buy anything just yet but I always like to poke around places like this. Of course there is always the possibility that I would get something in the future for our new house.

Just as we were getting ready to leave the owner came over in his tractor. He had been putting up hay and saw our car parked. He unlocked the wooden barn (first picture above) for us to look around. That building has more indoor type of stuff (furniture, household goodies, etc).

He was very nice and quite talkative. We learned that he has another farm in Kansas. He visits there occasionally and returns with a big trailer load of stuff.  

I saw two things I would have bought but they didn't have prices on them. So I asked about them. One was a big street sign with a crazy bull on it and the other was a big bell that hangs on the side of a building. Well as luck would have it neither of those items was for sale. I felt slightly like I was in an episode of American Pickers, where they go to a "collector" and try to buy something but they keep getting turned down.

Oh well, maybe next time. I told him to find a bell for me on his next trip.

This guy was a little camera shy.

Mr. Baird told us this guy was 18 years old and deaf. He deserves a nap.

Neither of the cats was for sale either.

There will be a big sale the weekend after the 4th of July weekend. We might have to go back! Otherwise if you visit I'd recommend you call first so he can open everything up and turn the lights on for you. The address is 3880 Garden Valley Blvd, and the phone is (541) 673-6470.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Brix Brunch

We got our latest Auto Club magazine and it had a page about things to see and do (including eateries) in our little Roseburg area. One of the places it mentioned for restaurants was a place called Brix Grill

We had seen it before and wanted to go there for dinner some time but never got around to it. Well how about brunch? Perfect! 

The interior. Pardon hubby's shoulder, I was trying to be very surreptitious with my photography. It came out rather dark so I had to do a little editing when I got home.  :-)

Hubby had the blueberry pancakes.

This was a "short stack". They were giant pancakes with fresh blueberries. Yummy.

I had the crab cake benedict. The eggs were cooked medium. If I had this again (which I most likely will) next time I will ask for the eggs to be cooked "easy" and hold the muffin. 

Our drinks included iced tea for hubby, coffee and a small tomato juice for me. Our bill was $26 and some change. Not the cheapest breakfast but good and the coffee was really good. 

I'm sure we'll be back!